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Lighting Crash Course by Michael The Maven

 6 Customer Reviews
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6 Customer Reviews  
A (4.8.13, 8:37pm)
Fabulous Product! I have viewed a few of Michael Andrew's videos and his explanation of lighting is great. He breaks down lighting into something easy to digest and teaches you how to work with natural and reflected light. This video also details more of the science of photography and how with just a little flash can make a hug difference in a shot. Like all his video there are some sections that I've already learned but the way he teaches is bar none the best I've seen and worth watching because there are little nuances that can make the shot better. If you have little understanding about lighting this is a must buy. Even for me with ten plus years of experience I've learn a wealth of information and even improved my skills. The only reason I didn't give it five stars is the price. The video is almost four hours which is typically the length of all his other videos. This video seem much higher than his others. Not sure the price discrepancy, the only thing I can guesstimate is he works with a model on just about every sequence opposed to his other videos. But overall very well made video highly beneficial and recommended when it comes to lighting. Will be going back to this video as a reference.
Doug Fulk (8.12.12, 1:26pm)
This is my fifth dvd I've purchased from Michael Andrews. Canon 40D, Speedlight, Advanced Photography Techniques, Photoshop, and Lighting. If I took two classes at my local community college I would have spent a whole lot more than the combined cost of all five dvd's. I've done both and I can tell you nothing out there comes close to the knowledge and presentation you get from a "Michael the Maven" Crash Course. No matter what your skill level, these courses are going to improve your technique and give you an absolute wealth of information. I just did my first Wedding Bridal Portrait session at home with my studio lights after purchasing the Lighting Crash Course. The Bride called me back and said there was a problem. The store wouldn't release the pictures to her because they thought the pictures had been taken by a professional photographer. Talk about making my day!! If you want to "see the light" either download or purchase this dvd. Thank's Michael. You rock!!
Martyn Thomas (8.11.12, 9:51am)
A great course. You are given a good understanding of the concept of light and then continually add to this to build up the use of lighting. There is a lot to take in but but everything is done individually so you can easily go back over selected areas for reminders or to just particularly concentrate on certain aspects until you are happy you have understood it. Great for learning and great for revisiting. Well recommended.
Beth (8.10.12, 11:11pm)
I am still working my way thru this incredibly informative video on lighting . . . I have so much to learn and this video is teaching me so much . . . I keep reviewing sections because there is just so much information. Thanks again Michael for an amazing course on video.
Matt (8.10.12, 5:43pm)
I would give it 6 stars if I could, Michael's ability to teach through a dvd is amazing. I keep coming back to it for reference, and still learning from this dvd.
Toby Schuermann (8.10.12, 5:40pm)
Michaels Lighting Crash Course is well done and helped me a lot in my photography.
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