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Photoshop Crash Course Training Video

 13 Customer Reviews
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13 Customer Reviews  
David Sutherland (1.22.16, 3:14pm)
I've been bouncing around trying top learn PS. Watching Michael's training video in the order it was presented turned on the light bulb and quickly raised my knowledge and use of PS. This course is well worth the price.
Hooplahpro (6.27.15, 10:43pm)
I've had Adobe Photoshop CS6 for about two years and haven't felt that I was getting the performance out of it per my limited skills. I've had pros use my setup to assist with weddings post production but they were much more advanced than me. Many hours of Internet guides and tutorials left me wanting as each one was different given the skills of the instructor versus the skills expected from the student. It's like an experienced SCUBA instructor expecting the student to learn the current skill level the instructor is teaching but forgot to ask if the student could swim! Then I took the plunge and bought Michael's Photoshop Crash Course. In 40 minutes (10 minutes while I watched him cook pancakes) I FINALLY understood layers and how to use them effectively! It seems so simple now! I would recommend this video to anyone just starting out in Photoshop as the foundation for all else to come including considering taking a college course. Then if one searches for a specific complex effect procedure on the Internet it will make a lot more sense! What we need now is Michael's Adobe Premiere Crash Course for video (hint, hint)!
Gabrielle Wright (5.22.13, 2:54am)
Dear Michael,

I just wanted to drop you a line to say thanks ever so much: I have just completed your PS DVD and I am over the moon with it, it's brilliant. Your instruction is clear and engaging and, as a beginner, I feel like I have already learned far more from you than I did on a 3-day course that I recently attended. Your Think Flow has really helped and I feel much more confident now about 'just having a go', without needing to know every single step beforehand.

With every good wish to you, and thanks again,

Gabrielle Wright

Brighton, England.
Eric Stein (1.31.13, 2:17pm)
Amazing product! I only watched part of it at a friend's house and I'm hooked! I'm in the process of getting it myself! I also bought the T3i Crash Course and it just opened my eyes!
ChicagoSouth56 (12.23.12, 5:05pm)
Just bout your 5d mark III and photoshop videos and i love them! You brake it down sesame street style so I can understand it and I appreciate that so much. this is my frist dslr and frist time using photoshop and after watch your videos im much more comfortable and confident in what I want to do with my dslr just wanted to say thanks so much and i well be buying more videos soon.................
Joseph Garcia (8.14.12, 4:17pm)
So GLAD I purchased this DVD you make it so easy to learn PS!!
omar torres (8.14.12, 4:16pm)
This dvd was my stress saver. I learned photoshop by watching this one over and over. I say over and over because you will pick up something new every time. Its amasing and full of good knowledge!
Brian Boudreau (8.14.12, 4:16pm)
If you only buy 1 DVD this year. This should be it. A must have learning resource. 2 thumbs up
Sara Wenger (8.10.12, 12:20am)
Michael has made photoshop so easy to grasp. He manages to put so much information into one dvd. There is also an additional dvd with the pictures that michael is working on so that you can follow along as he is photo shopping. What an amazing way to learn!! Every time I watch it I learn more. I would recommend this video to anyone that wants to learn photoshop!!!!!!
Stephen Bennett (8.7.12, 1:31pm)
Buy this Tutorial!!!! It will save you lots of time and money. Michael has a knack of making the difficult easy to understand. I refer back to these videos often to refresh my skills in Photoshop. It helps so much in going step by step in visual outlines to build up your PS knowledge base. Michael is indeed the Mentor.
Michael G. (8.3.12, 9:52pm)
Michael- I am so impressed by your new Photoshop Crash Course. One week ago I completed an online Photoshop CS4 University Class. Being a type A personality I had a much quicker uptake watching the DVDs the first time versus 14 weeks of text, quizzes and a final exam. I could have saved a lot of money and time had I had my hands on this course 3 months ago! I am so grateful for the RAW, HDR and Cosmetic portions of the DVD. We covered these in the University Online Course, but did not cover the scope or use of the tools as you did. You should be very proud of your hard work! This is exceptional.
Adam (8.3.12, 9:51pm)
So I just finished the 2 DVD's... WOW. That doesn't cover it. I was kinda on the fence of trying to decide to order this thing cause I already knew a lot about photoshop, but I was self-taught so I got it... WOW. wow wow wow. Mike I hope you win awards, make money, get Karma, feel the love, any kinda good vibe your way cause this thing is ridiculous. I now understand why it took you so long to finish. It covers so much. Well worth the wait. I was so excited to see you cover painted portraits, HDR etc etc. And the stuff I did know how to do; I now understand WHAT I'm doing. The difference with your stuff (from other tutorials/teaching products/books etc.) from my perspective is, I can tell where your motivation was in making it. It isn't only about making money for you; I can tell that you really put yourself into this thing to help us. You don't hold anything back. Can't say enough. Thanks!
Jonni (8.3.12, 9:49pm)
"I got my photoshop DVD on Saturday and I finished watching the entire thing last night (monday). I have to say it was probably the best money I have spent on anything photography related with the exception of my 40D and photoshop itself. You covered everything so well and everything was done great - you have such a conversational teaching style that breaks difficult things down to my level and now I REALLY GET IT!!! I have had photoshop CS3 for 9 months and have been playing, exploring and trying to book-learn as much as I can during that time. The thing that excites me (you really have no idea how excited I am) is that I was able to learn more in ONE weekend of watching your DVD than in the entire 9 months I have been trying on my own with books! Even my husband who supports my photography mania - but doesn't use photoshop, came in sat down and was really impressed. He said "This is really cool!". and he was learning right along with me! He heard how excited I was when I kept yelling out, "oh my gosh, is it really that simple???" or "I finally get it!" Thank you Thank you Thank you! I recognize and appreciate all of your hard work, and thank you so much! It was worth every penny (and probably a few more than I paid)I hope you take a good break for surely you deserve it!"- Jonni
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