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Advanced Photography Techniques

 10 Customer Reviews
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10 Customer Reviews  
ciola inmano (7.4.14, 9:50pm)
I was looking for something like this course for a long time. Then I received a VIP newsletter announcing the 4th of July special offer. I've purchased the course immediately and I am fully satisfied. I couldn't have asked for more (actually, I want more of those tips now!). Michael is a great teacher and I recommend this dvd to any intermediate photographer like me who wants to improve his skills.
Manoj Patel (11.14.13, 7:54am)
I couldn't  resist to write to you and congratulate you on the videos. Excellent. I would advise any one to get these DVDs. I love the way you have organised the presentation. I have learnt a lot in these few days. I just keep watching the video every time I get some free time.
Gift Card Recipient (3.4.13, 5:53pm)
Around a year ago, I moved from a point and shoot to a Canon T2i. Quite by accident, doing a google search, I found and bought Michael's "Canon Rebel T2i Crash Course Made for Beginners." Michael taught me how to use the camera, and within several weeks I was shooting in manual mode exclusively. At our town's Memorial Day parade, people were coming up to me and asking me questions about how to use their cameras that they had had for years. Thanks to Michael's lessons and his easy going, friendly teaching style, I quickly "got it." I was able to answer basic operation questions on Memorial Day that were asked of me by people who had owned their cameras literally for years. Michael saved me years of frustration. Knowing the way I am, I probably would have given up on digital photography within months of having bought the camera. He kept me from making mistakes I surely would have made, and taught me how to do it right from the start. His teaching style so impressed me - he is the best teacher I have ever had, and I went to a very good college and a very good law school - I bought his lesson on "advanced photography techniques." It took me about a week or so to go through the course, but it will take me a lifetime to master all that he teaches. You cannot possibly learn the things on your own in years that Michael teaches in weeks. The only word of caution I have is that Michael Andrew will open up your eyes to see things that you used to take for granted - the beauty of the light in the golden hours when the sun rises and sets, the wonder of life itself, the awesome majesty of the earth and the heavens - and it can get expensive in a hurry with all the gear and lenses and software programs out there (Amazon is the best place to buy, no hassles, no games, no problems). But you likely will love every moment of it. And in teaching about photography, he also teaches us things about how to be more patient, more observant, and more caring. I came home tonight from a day in court, and I went straight for my camera bag. Great way to unwind. I took about two dozen pictures of my wife and dogs and self-portraits during and after dinner. Michael taught me how to do this. Please trust me, I do not know and have never met Michael, and I have no pecuniary interest in this at all, but if you want to learn about digital photography, you need to buy this and Michael's other DVDs. Thanks, and happy shooting.
M Dickson (3.4.13, 5:52pm)
I have several of Michael "The Maven" Andrews photo DVDs. They are all great including this one. Michael enjoys teaching as much as he does photography. I consider myself an intermediate photographer - but I learned more in a few hours with Michael's DVDs than I have from years of experimentation.
Ryan Gunnells (8.13.12, 9:14pm)
If you are finding yourself shooting the same kind of images over and over, and want some fresh ideas and techniques to reenergize your creativity, this video will do the trick! I loved being able to purchase, download, and watch all in the same day!
James McQuiggan (8.11.12, 12:38pm)
I was looking for an instructional video that would take me beyond the beginning information I had found on the web and from Michael's online photo school. This DVD is the next step for a photographer who wants to learn more about their capabilities of their, camera, their pictures and themselves. This DVD needs to be 10 stars, not 5!
Beth (8.10.12, 11:06pm)
This is an absolute must have in a serious photographers learning library! Michael presents a gold mine of techniques in ways that are so clear, and challenging the viewer to greater heights and pushing his own boundaries in photography. Thanks Michael for yet another amazing tutorial.
Nathan H (8.10.12, 1:40am)
This is one of the best purchases I made when I wanted to get to know my camera. I had a working knowledge of my cameras settings and how to use them, but this opened so many doors for me. Really understanding HOW to utilize your camera is very difficult and this video made my life so much easier. Great tutorials and visual representation of how to use your camera! I purchased the download version and love the versatility of being able to play it on nearly anything! A must buy if you are not quite a beginner, but still want to learn!
Sara Wenger (8.10.12, 12:30am)
This is such a fun and user friendly dvd. You'll be able to take pictures that you never thought possible. There is a ton of information in an easy to understand format. If you are looking to take your photography to the next level, then this is for you!
Jeroen (8.7.12, 10:46am)
Ever wonder what the secrets are behind how to shoot great images? This DVD reveals many of those secrets and explains step-by-step how you can shoot those highly desirable photos yourself! Michael presents each technique very accessible and he supports his story with color key-words, diagrams or quick summary which you can easily learn by heart. I would say very powerful stuff for such low amount of money. Not any workshop or training which I attended in the past, had such an impact as this DVD and it clearly improved my photography skills. Therefore I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this DVD!!
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