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Canon 580 & 430 EX II Speedlite Training Video

 23 Customer Reviews
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23 Customer Reviews  
Manoj Patel (11.14.13, 7:53am)
I couldn't  resist to write to you and congratulate you on the videos. Excellent. I would advise any one to get these DVDs. I love the way you have organised the presentation. I have learnt a lot in these few days. I just keep watching the video every time I get some free time.
Emily Robinson (3.12.13, 5:13pm)
AWESOME! Seriously easy to follow! I didn't have to be an expert to understand and I finally know what all the buttons on my flash do! Thank you Michael!
Jauvane C. de Oliveira (3.4.13, 5:49pm)
This was the second DVD from the author that I have ordered (the first was one on my camera itself). Let us face it: The user manual that comes with the equipment, while comprehensive, is not direct nor is it a pleasing cover-to-cover read. If you acquired your new equipment and wished you had someone who knows the gear to explain things to you in easy, albeit comprehensive, terms, this DVD is for you! It tells you what each button and option in the menus do, as well as how you can configure the equipment to work the way that best suits your needs.

Michael has very strong teaching skills (and trust me, I do know what I am talking about!). He makes relevant comparisons that helps one understand the concepts quickly. If you watch this video and pay attention to the lessons, you will have full control on your camera in a quite short while. The DVD has an awesome menu that allows you to quickly reach the lesson you need (to remind you how to set that custom function for instance). That alone makes the DVD worth it.

Michael also goes on to help a beginner to improve his/her skills and to get technically better shots. Do remember that this DVD is aimed at beginners, so that advanced techniques wouldn't fit here. The lessons are down-to-earth, informal but straight-to-the-point information on your equipment, with some suggestions on settings that may suit someone's needs.

Some of the sequences in the DVD were recorded for dual purpose: use in the DVD as well as to be posted as a sample in youtube. Such approach leads the DVD to have quite a bit of introductions - Hi, I am Michael Andrew, etc. - but it delivers precious information chapter after chapter. Do not let that turn you away from the awesome information contained in the DVD. More recent DVDs from Michael have fixed this minor issue. I do not hesitate to recommend his videos/DVDs to whoever wishes to have full control over the equipment without having to parse the user manuals. The time it'll save you makes it a worthy investment.

Knowing the DVD content, if I were to decide today whether or not I should buy this DVD, I would not hesitate to acquire them all over again.

Keep up the great work!
Stan The Man (1.22.13, 1:39pm)
This is an excellent course for someone new to flash photography and that has just just purchased a speedlite 580/430EX II.
After purchasing the 580 Ex II and reading the Canon manual, I decided that the Canon Manual was really lacking especially for a beginner. I decided to try the Crash Course based on reviews found on the internet. Spending the few hours viewing the dvd really saved me a lot time. (I would have spent many more hours reading additional books, and looking up" how to use the flash", information on the web). The course is presented in an informal style and was very easy to follow.
Ted Diehl (1.21.13, 5:37pm)
Hi Michael,

I have finished the first of two I purchased from your site – Canon Speedlite 580/430 EX II and the Canon 6d Crash course which I downloaded from your store. I just finished the Speedlite Crash course. It is professionally done, packed with information and most important of all – worth twice what you charge for it! I will view it several more times to “burn in” the concepts.

Keep up the good work Michael!


Ted Diehl
Al Hughes (11.24.12, 3:41am)
I wanted to say how much I have enjoyed and learned from the Speedlite Crash Course video which I did purchase. And for once, I feel as though I got not only what I paid for, but way more than I expected.

You have over-delivered on your promise to educate those of us who are new to speedlites and I have learned a ton of useful information which would have been much more difficult to comprehend using just the manual that came with the unit.

I originally bought a 430EX but after watching the video, added the 600EX-RT which is the 580 equivalent I would think. And I can now use them both in tandem because of your video showing how it’s done.

Explaining all the Custom Functions was huge to me as well. I had a Rebel T2i before and just upgraded to the 5D which requires a speedlite or two since it hasn’t got a flash. And since watching the video, it’s also good to know those on-board flash units aren’t really effective anyhow.

So, as long- winded as this email has been, let me just say again, thank you very much for your hard work in creating this video and I hope to find more tutorials in your repertoire that will be of use to me and which I can purchase. I am looking to find one regarding the study of light in photography and how to manipulate it for great photography. If you have such a video, let me know where to find it and you’ll have another sale. - Thanks again, Al Hughes
Peter Christensen (8.14.12, 4:28pm)
I had my Flash Canon 580 EXII for 2 years. Finally I know how to use it.
The DVD is fantastic and easy to understand.
Now I find it easy to make really good pictures with flash.
Alexandre Almeida (8.14.12, 4:26pm)
I really enjoyed this video (I also bought the 7D course) and in particular the effort you put on making chapters in the DVD menu. This is a delight when we want to review a certain aspect only or concentrate on a particular subject. Only people that have tried to make videos know how this is hard work. I hope your next step is making a DVD on how to shoot video with a DSLR and the workflow involved :) All the best, Alex
Elizabeth Whitehead (8.14.12, 4:24pm)
This DVD came from the US to Aus really quick. The information is thorough and easy to understand. I also have the Canon 50D Crash course DVD which is also very good. I can recommend them both, and I still use them as a resource.
David Caron (8.14.12, 3:55pm)
I am mainly an outdoor, landscape, nature photographer. I don't use flash because I really don't know how to use it. This DVD helped me get over that fear of flash very quickly. Michael's examples and explanations are real world and useful. This DVD helped demystify the Canon 580 II as a Master or a Slave flash.
Daron Fowers (8.14.12, 3:52pm)
A great way to learn your flash! So much easier than trying to learn from a book. Micheal is a great teacher and I now feel comfortable taking pictures with my flash. Thanks!
James McQuiggan (8.11.12, 12:36pm)
This DVD exceeded my expectations of what I expecting to learn. Not only did Michael's instructions help with learning how to use the 580EXii flash but also various methods and situations to utilize it to it's full potential! Another fantastic DVD from Michael Andrew!
Jeroen (8.7.12, 10:09am)
If you want to save yourself some time by reading the complete manual guide, I would HIGHLY recommend buy & watch this DVD instead! Within a couple of days (even possible within a few hours), Michael guides you through all the functions and settings of both Speedlite. After watching this crash course you are able to use your speedlite within almost all circumstances plus Michael also explain the rationale behind this. It really helped me to improve my skills and it also increased my interest photography!
Mike S. (8.7.12, 8:57am)
I love this video and also have the 7D video. So much easier to understand the operations of the speedlite with the video. I feel it is very hard to read and understand the manual. The example photos and options that go along with it are great. Keep up the good work.
Dan R. (8.3.12, 9:31pm)
I just finished watching you Speedlight training video. I own 2 of your other DVDs and just wanted to tell you that I am convinced you are one of the most effective instructors I have ever seen. I will be purchasing ANY video you make on ANY subject. I mean it. This is how it should be, to the point, easy to understand, quick to apply. Im already seeing a night and day difference in my images- subtle as you said on the vid...but wow, what a difference!

Dan R.
Julia S. (8.3.12, 9:31pm)
Hi Michael! Im writing this for anyone who is on the fence about getting your new Speedlite video....stop what your are doing right now, hop off the fence and click the little button above and order it NOW!!! You will not be disappointed at all. The price Michael is charging is an absolute steal of a deal...I think he should be charging more for it! I just took some pictures of my kids in my living room with my flash attached and I am actually happy with the results. Since I purchased my SLR, I have never, ever been able to take a picture in my home at night and have it come out looking any good. Thank you Michael

Julia S.
Robert K. (8.3.12, 9:30pm)
Thank you for a great job on the Canon Speedlite Crash Course DVD. I found you through a friend who had watched your Canon Rebel XSi DVD and she highly recommended you. I must say I was a little skeptical at first, but are an amazing teacher. I think this is what you have going for you. Ive been trying to learn my flash now for almost 3 years and I learned more in the 3 or so hours of your DVD than I have since I bought it. Please add me to your mailing list so I can know when the Lighting DVD comes out.

Robert K.

Matt (8.3.12, 9:30pm)
First of all I definately want to tell that i have NEVER EVER found someone who did international shippment at that high speed. It may be luck that the post wprked perfectely but the DVD must been sent the day i bought it - STUNNING MICHAEL. I ordered it on Sunday night. So i was expecting it middle of next week. It was here on wednesday - THATS WOW for INTERNATIONAL

I watched it yesturday completely and suddenly i got the feeling that this Speedlite is something what really helps me getting good shots. Before it was hm lets say a necdeccary tool to photograph at night. But it is soooooooooooo much more than that. After watching the DVD once i think i soaked up 70% of the information and remembered it and even now i can already see the difference in my shots. From now on the Speedlite will be in my camera bag too - all the time ;-) Lets see how this will be after watching it once again

Michael you did a tremendous job on thst DVD it is so very easy to understand and to turn your words into practical working

thanks a lot! - Matt
William D. (8.3.12, 9:29pm)
Awesome job on the Canon 580 Speedlite DVD Michael. I loved it. I think you you need to be charging more for this. The information is worth at least 80 or 90 bucks if you ask me. You are the first photographer I have met who can actually explain how to use this thing. Ive asked around quite a bit. Please keep up the good work.

William D.
Anthony T (8.3.12, 9:29pm)
Hey Michael!- Just wanted to say the DVD was GREAT! I did not realize all the things you could do with the speedlite and so much functions that I did not know existed. I just need to find time now and go practice some of the stuff from the DVD. Time to save and get another Speedlite!

Anthony T
Jefferson D (8.3.12, 9:28pm)
Dear Michael
Thank so very much for the outstanding great job in the 2 DVD that I got from you, The Crash Course on XSI and the Speedlite. Those are worth every dollar. The time you explain help me to take good, I mean great photos. Lots of information....but you made it fun to learn it all-God bless you..
Jefferson D
Chris T (8.3.12, 9:28pm)
Hi Michael, Must just say that the Speedlite DVD is just fantastic, it has saved me weeks , even months of hunting down how it works. Canon should put a copy in every kit they sell. SERIOUS!
The very best of luck in the future with everything you do in photography, I´M A FAN, COOL..........

Joel (8.3.12, 9:27pm)
Michael I really like the Flash Crash Course DVD. Great value. It just keeps going and going. Progressively getting deeper into more awesome techniques and ideas. Not only do you teach how to use the flash, but you give such great ideas and test exercises to try. I mean who thinks of these cools shots?! Thank goodness you do. Tons of content and your explanations are nice and slow and precise so I can follow as you demonstrate. Really impressed. Feel free to use what I’m typing here as a testimonial. Very satisfied new customer. I just blew away my friend yesterday with my new knowledge of HighSpeedSync thanks to your DVD and she a supposedly a “pro” photographer. Thanks!

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