I published a video a few months ago and had about 3-4 people ask about the Eyelead Sensor stick as an option. It actually has many positive reviews & videos by respected websites and photographers. I found a serious problem with it. DO NOT USE IT!

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MAVEN SENSOR MAGNIFICATION LOUPE EXTENDER – This is made specifically for the Carson Loop

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Michael’s Nano Coated ND 100x100mm Cokin Size Z

Michael’s Nano Coated ND 84x84mm Cokin Size P

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Army Green
Desert Camo

Dust-Aids Wet KitThat I used to remove the gunk: https://amzn.to/2NhTR4e

Carson SM-44 4.5x SensorMag Magnifier

Eyelead Sony & Leica Sensor Cleaner (DO NOT BUY THIS!!)

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