Most people in life, as a profession are either producers or consumers.

Producer- Ecology. an organism, as a plant, that is able to produce its own food from inorganic substances.

Consumer-Ecology. an organism, usually an animal, that feeds on plants or other animals.

In Ecology, everything revolves around producers, which are basically plants. Plants are the most important organisms in the food chain because they are able to convert raw energy, sunlight, into food (sugars and oxygen) through photosynthesis. If plants die, everything dies.

It seems to me that consumers struggle to survive, whether in nature or in life as people. Their strategy of survival is based on finding something that has had most of the work done, obtaining it and using it for profit or energy. In Russia, I would see hundreds of people make a living on buying something and then turning around and selling it for a profit. Some jobs revolve around making these consumer systems work.

I think parents are good examples of producers. They are literally able to take raw materials and create something new and amazing beyond words. A true creative process is a key part of experiencing the best life has to offer, otherwise we are simply gathering and consuming with little return to others.

The world revolves around producers, be them plants or any creative mind. If you look at all the great names in History, they were all producers.