Being that there is absolutely nothing in theaters I would like to see tonight, I am forced to think of some of my favorite “oldies” that are well worth a rental. Probably one of my most favorite movies ever was a low budget, do-it-yourself film called Primer. The making of the film is as fascinating as the movie itself. Its only 60 minutes long, and I promise you will not get it the first time you watch it. It took me three viewings before I finally “got” what was happening. This is a thinking person’s movie, so if you are not into intellectually thought provoking movies, you may not like it.

Shane Carruth, the director was a disgruntled engineer who decided he wanted to make movies, so he saved his money, wrote, produced, as well as starred, edited and did the sound track. Amazingly talented guy.

This is a mind blowing movie…IF you get it.