The clock is ticking….at 8pm Eastern tonight, the pre-order discount will no longer be available for the Photoshop Crash Course DVD. By pre-ordering, you will receive a coupon code to save 30% on Michael Andrew Lollipops (this works out to be about $40), which means, yes, you are essentially getting a free PS Crash Course set and the Lollipops for the cost of the Lollipops only. I will be sending the codes out by email, along with your login information for the new viewing site, which means, all those who pre-ordered can be watching the videos tonight!

After 8pm tonight, the price will go up to $65 plus shipping, and once the DVDs are in stock and being delivered (we are looking at a few more weeks) they will be $79 + s/h per set.

Also, the discount on the Lollipops will not be offered after this evening at 8pm.

Nearly all of those who have pre-ordered are already signed up on the site, which we have been testing over the weekend.

Im both excited and nervous. 🙂