Oh what the heck- Ill post this before I leave for the airport. Here there are- the top portrait photos!!

Let me say this…All the honorable mentions are there for a reason, in this case you can see there are more than 5. Any honorable mention is there because it was extremely close to being a top 5 image but there may have been one or two very things that the winners did have. I will pick on the picture of the girl on the far right. I thought this was an extremely awesome portrait, in fact, hanging on the wall of any home, it is fabulous! The reason it didn’t place (and it would have been in the top 3) is because it is just a little too soft (in terms of focus), and that was it. The top 4 were perfect in terms of sharpness, especially in the eyes.

Congratulations to the top winners!

1- Shannon Morgan
2- Scott Roeben
3. Carol Call
4. Zack Baker
5. Leif Cole

Honorable Mentions- Mike Cruz, Kathy Simmons, Ron Payne, Pamela Smette, Melynda Bean, Mark Eisele, Heather Jennings, Rebecca Payne