As much as I hate to post this on the blog, it has gotten to the point where I feel like I have to. I am always excited to hear from students and how the DVD and lessons have helped. I know that might sound a little different than what I intended lol.

I receive an incredible amount of email every month from beginning photographers who would like for me to look at their images and provide feedback, or answer camera, lens, other equipment questions. While I wish I had the time to do so, I simply cannot keep up with it, and the result is these beginners will email me and when they do not hear back, potentially this is misinterpreted as their work and progress isnt important to me, or I dont care, which isnt the case.

Most of the questions I get have already been answered on the forum, and if it is a new question that hasnt been answered, I know the other students would love to see it. I DO answer questions there occasionally, and am much more likely to do so than in an email.

Additionally, the forum is set up for you to post images in a number of different ways and you can have many of our great students look at your images and offer valuable feedback.

So, yes, the forum is a great tool for beginners to use and get better, and I hope you understand if you email me and dont hear back…its not that I dont care or want to, its just that I cannot keep up (If I did I would be spending several hours a day doing so)

Thanks for understanding!