I’ve talked a lot about light painting on my blog. It’s a really great photography technique you can use with long exposures to create incredible results. The guys at Bitbanger Studios in Brooklyn, New York have take the concept to a whole new level. Their product Pixelstick is still in the development phase but they’ve smashed their goals on Kickstarter.

The product is a simple yet ingenious idea. It’s a 6′ bar containing hundreds of LED lights. It has a handheld controller and takes an SD card. You can upload images that are displayed one line at a time as light. As you move the bar across your open lens, the images will be captured. It gets even more interesting when used with time lapse and the images becoming moving animations.

Check out the really cool promo video below to see how the Pixelstick works. You can read the article here. You can check out their Kickstarter page here.