My Dad sent me this image recently to see if I could save it in Photoshop. (He was a helicopter pilot in Vietnam, I remember seeing this image when I was very young and I remember it well).

Ive never really gotten into Photo Restoration, but it is an entire separate discipline than what I am used to. There are some people who are extremely good at it and there are many annual contests. This was my first attempt and I used just about every skill I demonstrated on my Photoshop Crash Course DVD. This would have been entirely too much to cover, but once students master the concepts I present, they should be able to these types of projects as well.

Briefly, the way I attacked it was:

– Color Correction and Contrast in RAW
– A few hours of Clone Stamp and Healing Brush To repair damage and remove noise.
– Three Lollipop Sets, Red (fire extinguisher and red arrow on door) and Two Aquas which were then converted to Olive Green (outside of Helicopter) and metal Blue (inside), lots of layers and masks to keep everything separate.
– Various Noise Reduction Filters and smoothing.
I also decided to take it a step further and add my own artistic touch.This was a challenging and fun project for me and I am really glad I had the chance to do it.

Merry Christmas Dad!