So I know many of you are probably wondering about Photoshop CS4, what it can do that CS3 cannot, and if it is worth the upgrade. For a beginner, I dont think the upgrade would be really necessary. A beginner is going to have wayyyyy too many things to worry about to really appreciate some of the finer tools in CS4.

You may also be wondering, how much of CS4 will be covered on the Photoshop Crash Course. This week I added about 35 minutes of the most important tools a beginner would want to know. The DVD is SO close to being finished it is ridiuclous, all shooting and editing is completed, I am just testing the disks, adding the files to work on and mastering the audio. It will go to the disc manufacturer next week.

Here is one of the Bonus lessons on CS4, it covers Content Aware Scaling, what it is, what it does and how it is different than the transform tool. The full Photoshop Crash Course Training Video Lesson DVD guide can be ordered by CLICKING HERE.