The Photoshop Crash Course DVD training lessons by Michael Andrew are now in stock and shipping. I am leaving the introductory price of $65 available for just a couple more days for those of you who are interested and wanted to wait until they were in stock. The online lessons at can still be purchased separately, but it is no longer included with the DVD set when purchasing, as that was a pre-order special only.

If you are interested in this awesome DVD set and haven’t ordered, now is the time to buy! Regular price from my store will be $79.95 and in retail stores it will be more. I know I am biased, but if you struggle with Photoshop, this is an amazing set of lessons that took me 8 months to produce. Its different than other Photoshop Training tutorials because I focus on the core concepts and how to think in Photoshop Techniques, instead of just showing you steps.

Photoshop Crash Course DVD Training Lessons by Michael Andrew