I know there are many of your who have ordered the Photoshop Crash Course DVD and it’s expected release date was today. Unfortunately, it isnt quite finished and I expect it to be a few weeks before it is, maybe even Mid-Late July. The problem with the DVD has been that I will do a lesson and then think… “you know…I really should do one on this” or “that was pretty good…but you could make it better by doing this”. The DVD is going to be really awesome, and I would much rather wait a few more weeks to make a much more superior product, than rush it out and be mediocre.

My aim is to make a Photoshop DVD that will teach you how to think in Photoshop terms after 2-3 viewings and have you at about the level of someone who has been tried to learn on their own for 2-3 years. It is a daunting task, but the more I work on it, the better my ideas are getting. It is very unusual how the planning works, I find myself talking to myself whenever I am driving or doing whatever, practicing the lessons, how I end up teaching them, what I say, what I want the student to learn, how to make it concise, simple, mentally penetrating, instantly implementable and impossible to misunderstand.

To make up for the late release, all those who have pre-ordered before the retail price kicks in will be given a one-time $25 coupon towards my Lollipop action set. If there is anyone unhappy with this delay, please contact me and I will have my assistant issue you a refund immediately. Thank you for your patience….it will be WELL worth the wait.