Now that the Advanced Photography Crash Course is wrapped up, I am finishing the outline of lessons for the Photography Lighting Crash Course. It is a massive project, the lesson outline is at 105 Lessons, for perspective, I think APT has about 60. I have to be careful about what I say is on the DVD, so I can’t list them here and now, but I feel like I should ask you guys what you struggle with and would like to learn. It’s important to me that customers and students have some way of feedback and input on the DVDs.

Without getting too specific, the first part will deal with what we know about light, how it behaves, it’s physics and properties. The Second will deal more with actual shooting strategies, gear, and techniques. My aim is try to keep it simple, assume viewers know little or nothing about light, and then by the end have them at an Advanced Level in Lighting Techniques. If I was going to make a college level course on Lighting, this would be it.

What lessons would you like to see on the Photography Lighting DVD?