I wanted to say thank you to everyone who suggested names for our new product contest. The winner is Pieter V. Pieter I have emailed you directly, please get back to me as soon as you can so we can send you your reward $$. We really liked one of your suggestions and are going with it, but for strategy reasons we cannot say which name we are going with. 🙂

Speaking of Contests, who is up for the 3rd Annual Photography Contest? Instead of Camera gear…I am flirting with the idea of CASH or Gift Cards from BhPhoto. What do you guys think?

Also considering sticking with regular ol photography (no Cell Phones), all digital entries (email them) and simplifying a few of the rules.

Any input is appreciated, better now than once it starts.


Categories would be as follows:

1. Portraits
2. Landscapes
3. Animals
4. Abstracts
5. Sports
6. Macro

Entry fee is free!

Most of the judging will be done by myself and a panel of judges, though there may be a people’s choice award or it may count like 25%.

There are some good arguments for the Cell Phone Contest- it is definitely more challenging. Still considering it. Input?