One of the most common things I see with those getting started into a Photography Business is how surprised they are to discover that “great photography” has very little to do with running a successful business.

The Business Crash Course for Photographers DVD production should finish in the next few days. (It has been 2 years in the making and originally started as the “Wedding Photography Crash Course” DVD which so many of you have asked for). To the best of my knowledge, there is not another DVD training set like it on the market, and costs a fraction of what I would charge for a 3 day workshop from which it was filmed, and many of you wanted to attend, but were unable to.

The Business Crash Course includes additional DVD ROM materials, including an exercise workbook, my suggested reading and website resource list, and Sample Contract. It is made especially for beginning and intermediate Photography Business owners and Advanced Business owners who are looking for a Crash Course on Marketing and Strategy if they do not have this training. It runs just over 7 hours in length.

The Pre-Order Special should go on next week and be available for about 2-3 weeks when they start shipping. All of those who Pre-Order will receive a significant discount (I am planning on 20% off), as well as a FREE LIFETIME membership to the “Secret” Business side of the Forum where we have Photography Business threads. (It typically runs $50 per year).

For any of those 100+ plus workshop attendees, you will be given an exclusive 50% off during the pre-order special.
For any of you who attended at 3 day workshop at Tampa or in Nashville- This amazing DVD set is FREE!!

I know this cover may seem a little peculiar….why would I have a fishing pole on a Business DVD Cover?PS- It’s going to take me some time to download the other 1,800 full size images for the Main Division Photography Contest, just know that this is something I am working on and will post soon. It is also possible we will go ahead with the Cell Phone Contest First while I am organizing all of the others.