Lots of great things happening with my App projects:

Photographers Contract Maker will have an update that should be available in the iTunes Store in 10-12 days that will allow you to use it on your iPads natively. We were waiting to see if the iPad OS would up rez text an it’s most recent update as on the iPhone 4 (it didn’t), so this was something we wanted to take care of right away. It will still be the same App, just works on iPad now too and the update is free. (Be sure to back up everything before updating, just in case). Contract Maker Pro users can expect an iPad update in about 2-3 weeks. Also, there are many extremely cool new features coming to both of these apps, you can expect to see them in Feb or March.

We have been using this time to create and test a new App already submitted to the Apple Store and we should see it sometime next Sunday or Monday, it has been in the works for about 6 months and I believe is something you will use more often than ether Contract Maker App. I haven’t said much about what it is or what it does, but if you are a photographer or business owner, you will want it, as it is going to save you a good 2-3 hours a week (easily), and in some cases an hour a day. Any App that can save you an hour of your time a day is absolutely worth looking at.

There are 2 other mystery Apps in the works as well and I will keep you updated as soon as these are done.