I really hate to do this but it is time to let the Contract Making Apps come to an end. Most of the remaining Android Apps are being pulled over the weekend. I didn’t even know people were still buying them, but we had a couple sales recently. I will leave the Apple (iOS) Apps for a little while longer to allow for those customers to make back-ups. There are so many bugs in the Android Apps that we cannot leave them up for sale because they do not perform the way they design and we do not want customers to be in a situation where they are needing to sign contracts and cannot.

There are a few reasons for the end-of-product decision:

1. Programmer is no longer reliable The last update we requested by our programmer took well over a year to fix, which is completely unacceptable. While in the past he was really great to work with, for whatever reason is not nearly as fast or reliable enough to support the bugs that pop up. He has expressed health issues and left us high and dry on another project, so we cannot work with him further.

2. OS updates kill profitability When we create an app, we spend months developing it & it goes through rigorous testing. We spent dozens of hours testing each version, by many users. When we release it, for the most part, it would work perfectly. The problem is, every time Apple or Android updates their OS, it changes how the App works and introduces bugs. This is true for most apps on every device. So every time Apple updates iOS, we have to go in and fix the app, which is very expensive. With Apple taking 30% off the top, and the programmer taking the rest, we are basically losing time and money on a product that is not profitable.

These are the two main reasons.

This is a painful decision for me because I put my heart and soul into those apps, but it is time to turn the page. The Original Photographers Contract Maker has been recently updated (not the lite versions) and should work well for the next several months, we will leave it up as long as we feel it is working.

I definitely wanted to express my sincere appreciation to you guys for the support of those Apps over the years. I learned many valuable lessons. I think had the apps been more profitable we could have found a new programmer to work with but its mostly a dollars decision.