Looks like some fool has made a Copy Cat version of my Photographers Contract Maker. They have also decided to have less features and charge $9.99 for it. I have no idea what possesses people to do this, but it really upsets me. Coincidentally, I got my first one star rating on itunes this morning- (I can only assume this is also from them in an attempt to lower my rankings on iTunes. Im not even going to mention the name of this App, but yes, it only took a month for someone to make a knock off version of it.

I’m not interested in retaliation even though some of the features are so blatantly copied it’s ridiculous. One way you can help is if you have purchased my App and like it, please post positive feedback on iTunes. Im hoping this will at least counter the fake “one star” ratings this company is posting on my App Review Page. To leave feedback, you can pull up my App in the App store either on your computer or iPhone and look for the “Leave Feedback” bar.



Link To Michaels App Page on Itunes