Spent this morning working with Adam and our main model here on Maui, Annie on the Speedlite 600 Ex-RT Crash Course. I remember several years ago when I was just getting started, that I just loved direct, into the camera flash flare. I also remember my frustration in trying to get it to work.

The initial way most beginning strobists will try, is to get the flash off camera (wireless), and point it into the lens. This will get you about halfway and not much further….the reason?

Attempting flash flare on ETTL mode….!

This is something I learned the hard way….ETTL is a metered form of flash, which means that the flash system will try to limit the amount of light coming back into the camera….the absolute biggest secret is to shoot with Manual flash and you can easily control how much light is cranking out of those babies.

The second piece of advice I would give on this is: Be Subtle, there are actually 2 Canon 600 Exs in this posted shot. One over her right shoulder and one on the ground. Not over powering, but enough to “lighten the mood”. Off Camera Flash Flare is a very easy way to spice up your portrait shoots. Shot on Manual Mode, Manual Flash; Canon 5Diii , 2x Canon 600 Ex , triggered with ST-E3 Transmitter.

Many of you will notice the different “look” in post, and I need to thank Andee over at Crave My Photography for the tutorial that gave me these skill sets…well worth the investment! Here is the before shot, SOOC:

We should wrap shooting on the 600 Speedlite Crash Course on Friday and should be ready for download sometime next week. We also both feel we are really, really lucky to have found Annie (our model), she is prompt, communicates very well, and is totally professional in every way. We look forward to continuing to work with her.

So far the response on the new “Case Studies” category has been very positive and I hope I can keep these going, at least once a week. Thank you for all your continued support!