Been meaning to check this training video out for a while, simply because it’s always good to assume that you can learn something new- even if they are somewhat competing with you, and I am happy to say I did learn some interesting things. The video runs just over an hour with another 15 minute clip on editing. I like Phillip’s presentation, he seems like a very laid back guy, and I like his British accent. It is clear through the video samples he shows near the end that he is extremely talented and is a walking goldmine of information about shooting film and video.

The video’s strengths: Above all- is very detailed explanation of accessories for the 7D to improve shooting. There were a few tips on picture styles, shutter speed and some other little tid bits, but the bulk of the video is a review of why you would want certain types of accessories, what type of look they can provide, and how to use them. If you own a 7D and are serious about making videos, I would recommend not only watching this video, but keeping a close eye on his blog. Phillip is more dedicated to using SLRs for video production than he is a pure photographer. The DVD is aimed primarily at Advanced videographers, and there is much he assumes you know (such as the basics of aperture and shutter speed fundamentals).

I was pleasantly surprised that near ZERO of the information I covered compared to his overlapped. My Canon Crash Course 7D video covers the very basics of video and I assume you know absolutely nothing about it, gets you up to speed on the pros and cons, terminology, basic shooting techniques- his is as I mentioned is how accessories can make a HUGE improvement in shooting.

The one thing I didn’t like about the video: I wanted more! 🙂 Phillip is a great teacher and I can tell he knows A LOT more than what he covered in the video, BUT – He is extremely generous in blog posts, and this more than makes up for it.

He also has a training video on the Canon 5Dii, which I have not seen, but assume is very similar.

Phillip Bloom’s – How to shoot great video with your 7D
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