Most of these images (starting at image 610) were taken Sunday morning (11-24-13) in a place called Tanuain, which is in the Tacloban Area. We took them over a 15-20 minute period.

I do not believe the mainstream media fully understands that this destruction is pretty much everywhere on Leyte, and not really visible from the main roads. You have to walk on foot to see it, and as of this morning, they asked for food as they are not receiving it. (no distributions at all since the typhoon).

Im in touch with the Buranguy of the area. There are 765 families in this Buranguy, it is the 3rd largest of Tanuain. What this means is that the general population as a whole is hurting very badly and has not received much aid.

Im really limited on Bandwidth, so I had to resize them.