I originally wanted to catch The Dark Tower this weekend, but there aren’t any theaters within 40 minutes showing it, so I had to settle for a Netflix DVD. (It is amazing to me that the Netflix DVD model is still going so strong in our day and age, but the way licensing and digital storage works, it should remain a viable model for many years to come. Almost every single movie ever is available with Netflix DVD rentals.

I have mixed feelings about true crime movies, and Patriots Day was not an exception. There is something that does not sit well with me when the names and likenesses (and in this case actual images of) the criminals / terrorists, as well as there crimes, are archived & perpetuated indefinitely by making a movie about it. On the financial side, the are those who are using the story (a painful one) to actually profit.

The movie was pretty much summary of the events of the Boston Bombing, while there is a very subtle message of hope with interview sou the victims, it didn’t justify to me the negatives. I see no strong reasons to see or recommend this film.