Another guy who is just BLOWING UP Youtube hits- he has several videos in the MILLIONS. Extremely creative. I am very interested in learning to do videos like this, and I do realize that they can be painstakingly long and tedious. I’ve been doing a lot of research on if there are any really good “how-to” videos for exactly these kinds of things, and so far I am learning the best how-to’s are the free videos made by the people who shot them themselves. (But if you know of any really good After Effects / 3D animation courses, I would love to know about them!)

You have probably already seen Iron Baby:

But have you seen At-At Afternoon?

Or the Making of At-At?

Transformers Fight:

Or the Making of?

Just watching these making of clips gives huge hints as to how he is doing it, but still….you really have to know the software, have a great knowledge of lighting, art direction, an incredible amount of patience and attention to detail, etc- Boivin is extremely talented because he really controls all these aspects well. Just a heads up, not all of his videos are family friendly when it comes to language, so just keep that in mind.