As any experienced landscape photographer knows, timing is everything. There are two times of day to get the “best light”; sunrise and sunset. That’s not to say that fantastic images can’t be captured at other times of day, but generally the most beautiful light will come at those two times. If you’re serious about your photography you’ll be up in the early morning hours before everyone else, or you’ll miss dinner with the family patiently waiting for the sunset. Patiently waiting for that golden moment when everything comes together. Sometimes weather doesn’t permit and it can take days to get the image “just right”. Persistence and patience is key. The same could be said for wildlife, sports, and portrait photographers.

That’s exactly what happened for photographer Mei Xu. Her patience paid off when she captured a spectacular moment that lasts mere minutes when water and light come together to create an astounding rainbow of colors at the Bridalveil Fall, in Yosemite National Park, California.

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