UPDATE – Due to low interest, I will not be publishing a G95 Crash Course. I would strongly recommend my “Everything Else Crash Course” for demonstrations of the many other techniques I would have covered. Thank you all for your interest!

I have already posted the Camera Operation of this course for FREE on youtube which you can find here: Panasonic G95 Tutorial Overview.
Many have asked why I give away so much free information, and the main reason is I want to demonstrate I can help you learn your camera fairly quickly, and if you enjoy it, you would want to continue to invest in your Panasonic G95 education. Thats all there is to it!

Here is the Cover, more details below!

Topics Covered in Full Crash Cours:

  • Portrait Crash course
  • Deep Menu
  • Bracketing Interiors
  • Sports
  • Sunset Shooting
  • Portrait Crash Course
  • Intervalometer Shooting
  • Strobes
  • Flash Settings
  • Intro To Strobes
  • 3 Rules of Lighting
  • Film History
  • Film Like Look
  • Two Microphones, One Jack
  • Pulling Focus
  • Manual Foucs In Empty Spots
  • Gimbals
  • Gimbal Examples
  • Fluid Heads
  • Hollywood Scene Exmple
  • Removing Background Noise
  • Sliders
  • Video Workflow
  • Cleaning The Sensor
  • Outro