Im finally making these available to the public for the first time. I have some friends helping me, but I would like to get feedback from other customers as well. In exchange for help with the Beta test, you will receive and can keep a final copy of Paintballer Pro Presets for only $50!.

This is for the first 10 customers who are interested. To be eligible, you need to own Photoshop CS3/CS4 or Lightroom 2, and agree to keep all information exchanged confidential.

Within 2-3 days of purchasing a Beta Test membership, you will receive your Paintballer Pro Download Pack that will include the presets, test images, installation instructions, and links to videos that will show you how to use them. You will also be encouraged to test them on your own and offer feedback directly to Michael.

Final retail Price of Paintballer Pro will be $150

Michael Andrew Paintballer Pro Beta Test Package