Working on making a highly adaptable Go Pro Hero 3 Camera mount for my Camelbak Backpack. I got the idea from Griffin over at Indy Mogul from this video: (another great channel if you do any video work at all).

It really does give a very interesting perspective and with the right audio equipment I see some really cool opportunities to change how I record on location training videos. I will say this, it is still quite shaky for video, but If I am standing still and shooting, yes, there are some neat things that can be done here.

The Hero 3 (Black Edition) has built in wifi which allows me to preview and shoot from my iPhone (both stills and videos) and this is what I am doing here, operating the Go Pro on my Back with my iPhone.I also did something really cool with the built in wifi on the Canon 6D and should be making a video on it shortly.