The Team has been doing a superb job in Haiti with the meals they acquired. The team was able to acquire about 3 million meals, and today some of those meals, tents and tarps where delivered, you can actually see the tremendous job that everyone has been doing. Salvation Army, UPS, and the UN getting involved. The UN provided security along with tarps and many people where able to benefit from the these. The team has possession of more food and tents and are moving them to different SA locations for distribution. Michael is currently traveling back from Mark Forester’s service. We should hear and see more of him this weekend. Here are a few pictures to share with you.
Toby R.Children in line waiting for their turn at a meal with UN securing the area.Craig Arnold discussing the logistics with the Salvation Army! He has been doing an outstanding job! Lets not forget Mattheiu who has helped us tremendously with the locals, getting around and finding those in need.Some of the ladies leaving with an allocation of tarps which are needed badly in Haiti. More containers of food.Thanks to the UN the site where food was distributed was secure, it helped the team focus on meal distribution.