Ladies and Gentlemen, it’s time and it is LONG overdue. I have been very blessed to see my little business grow over the years, and it is getting to the point now where I need to hire a full time assistant. Yes, you need to be willing to relocate to Maui (which I might add, is not the easiest place in the world to find a job). Living in Maui is a huge perk in itself, there is no real winter weather and you can pretty much expect beautiful weather, wonderful beaches, excellent hiking, kayaking, fishing, surfing, wind surfing and scuba diving year round. (As well as some of the most beautiful photography backdrops any where).

Essentially what it comes down to is that there are so many little things taking me away from video production that I can only spend about 10-15% of my time on what I do best; content development (new lessons, dvds, etc). I have lists of projects I need to get started and done, but am unable to because of all the day to day errands I have to do. Its like being in a fight with my right hand tied behind my back. Applicants should be absolute go-getters and they need to come with the attitude that they are going to get in the battle with me. I am very driven and expect my assistant to get me in that way and help leverage what I do best.

I can also pretty much guarantee that whoever gets the position will learn a tremendous amount about Photography, Video Production, Marketing, App Development, Website Design and Entrepreneurialism.

Potential Applicants should have:

– Experience in video editing or at least an aptitude to learn, specifically with Adobe Premiere Pro CS5 (there are workflow and speed reasons for this). While it is possible to learn this program, it would be much better for me if you can come in running full speed, instead of having to teach it. That said, you absolutely will need your own computer, editing software and external storage drives.

– A Canon dSLR Camera, or at least an extensive technical knowledge of such. (This means you should at least be somewhat experienced photographer or videographer.)

– A love for Apple Products- This means you own an iPhone and/or iPad- Also, your main computer needs to be an Apple computer, the reason I require this is because my assistant will need to help test new Apps coming out & you can only do it through an Apple computer.

– Excellent Communication and people skills. The job requires you to communicate with customers by email or even on the phone. Expect to shoot 1-2 times a week on location in Maui with Michael. It would also help if you have an interest in hiking, kayaking and scuba diving as we have some fun shoots planned doing these activities. Most of our shoots will be on beaches or other spectacular locations.

– Strong preference is also given to those individuals who have Dreamweaver and/or HTML programming skills/knowledge.

– It will greatly help if you have a business background or experience.

– Hours are flexible- there are several tasks which need to be done each day, and there are projects. Bonuses will be awarded on performance each week.

If you do not have at least 3 or 4 of the requirements listed above, it’s probably best to not apply. All applicants should send their resume, along with a a photo and any other information that is applicable to: shiffler(at)

Base salary starts at $52K and bonuses can add up to another $20K per year.

The position will need to be filled by the 1st week in July, 2011. Thank you to all those who apply!