I found this site at Photoshop World- they were one of the vendors there. This is essentially, a facebook/networking site for models and photographers, it allows you to find professionals (and obviously some not so professionals) in your area. This is interesting for me as a photographer as there are times I need to find a model while I am traveling. Ive just stared looking around the site, Im not sure how effective it is, but the idea is a good one.

There are beginning models here as well, who are willing to trade Time for Prints (TFP) or Time for CD (TFCD) where photographers give the images and models trade their time and model release, you dont even need to pay them. For beginning photographers, this is a great way to build your portfolio as well as just practice. Its not nearly as expensive as you think to hire a beginning model. Even professional models are reasonably priced.

Professional Models are good to shoot because, there is no nervousness to deal with and they know how to change their poses rapidly. You tend to have more high quality images. Still, I think I prefer to shoot non-professional models, they are usually so, whats the word…raw maybe? , and they get so excited to see how good they look. I go into most of my shoots knowing these will be some of the best pictures my clients will ever have taken of them…it makes me feel good. Its very satisfying.

A word of warning though: Even though this is a rather new site, it has some potential, still it isnt without some obvious flaws.This is sort of a train wreck of models, there are quality beginning and professional models on the site, but you may have to sort through them. Also, while nude shots are supposed to be in locked sections of the site, it appears that occasionally they are not. Just a heads up!
The Address is: https://www.onemodelplace.com