So yesterday was the first day I got into the ocean to shoot moving object (surfers and Stand Up Paddlers). I have a friend who is learning to SUP and she invited me along. I am glad she did because I really don’t think I would have gone out there without knowing someone. Now that I have done it, I am certain I would go out there again on my own. The waves weren’t too big, so even though I had to swim out there a ways, I felt confident and comfortable. It was a beautiful morning….we got there just as the sun was starting to come out. Such a wonderful way to start the day. It made me want to get on a surf board and try! This old guy was tearing it up!I am really liking the split look type shot / half in half out of the water. This needs to be exploited as much as possible, especially when there is something interesting underwater. I just hope its not a big shark. Something brushed my leg while I was out there. Not sure what the heck it was, but it was moving. token reverse shot so you can see the shore. It was surprisingly shallow even a good couple hundred yards out. Im thinking my 8-15 Fisheye is just too dang wide for good surfing type shots. I need something in the 24-105 range. Will be interesting to see if I can get a port that accommodates that range. This is Jen- I thought she was doing great. I am also thinking that there are some killer possibilities to getting a model on a surf board for portrait work. Will have to try that out. One of the issues I ran into, water on the port. Causes a slight blur…This guy almost ran me over twice. He had to get really close for the fisheye to get him. Jen’s friend….she was really good. This last shot of Jen was finally something I was happy with. I will have to look into getting a different port for a longer reach lens. The ports are regrettably expensive. It was a GREAT and fun morning. I really liked this shot of me inspecting the housing for leaks. Ran it through Paintballer and Lollipops for the sky.