I’m very disappointed with Lance Armstrong. Im also not exactly sure what is going on with Manti Teo, (reserving judgement there, but it seems like we don’t have all the details or why it happened). The Patriots did it (Spygate), numerous other athletes have done it with performance enhancing drugs, Ponzi Scams, the list goes on. I think it goes without saying that many extremely powerful people, athletes, businesses, etc are doing it now and it just isnt known. I see it as cheating when photographers steal others images.

Lance is a cancer survivor and for a long, long time was an American Hero. I had mad respect for the guy. I do not respect him now, even with all the extremely hard, legit work he did put in. For the rest of his life, no one will be able to know for sure if he is telling the truth or not. Once your honor and good name have been destroyed on a national stage, it is nearly impossible to fix it. Additionally, very different when someone makes an honest human mistake or error. Different story when a deception is perpetuated intentionally.

There is a saying that “Cheaters never win.” I don’t believe that anymore, What we are seeing now is that cheaters win all the time. They only lose when they are caught. It is almost as if our society has become so infatuated with winning, that it is expected to come at all costs, and that cheating or lying for personal gain is actually more important than honor. Times sure have changed.

I would rather lose playing by the rules than win by cheating any day.

Winning by cheating is worse than losing because it makes you a liar, and that sticks with you long after the game is over.

In the big picture, money, wins, personal gain, titles, awards, these things do not matter.

What really defines a person are their character, core values and moral compass.

Why sacrifice them for something temporary?