As luck has it, last night before I was going to bed, my still relatively new Mac Book Pro suggested I make an update, which I started. Hours later…it hadnt completed, I call tech support….and it appears as if I have lost just about everything, including most of the Canon 40D video….I had several hundred hours of work invested into it.

Luckily, I don’t think I have lost any photographs, I make back ups of everything to DVD as well as an external hard drive…but losing all the work in progress on the video and photography school (the only way to really back video up is to export it, while I have some but most of it is gone) was a bit of a blow.

Apple Tech support was indifferent about it…after trying an archive and reinstall, the best they could offer was “contact a third party company about file restore software- we cant help you”…. wow. It suddenly appears Mac’s as well as their support systems are not quite as bullet proof as the general perception.

A few minutes after the initial shock….I realized this can only be a good thing. I mean…look at me…Im Michael Andrew…..only good things happen to me, sometimes I just have to change how I see them initially.

1. Redoing everything definately wont take as long….Ive learned a ton of things in the process. I know what to do and how to do them.
2. There were a few things I didnt like about the video…this gives me a great chance to make them better.
3. Im going back to my PC system for the new edit…it never had a problem, the new Adobe software doesn’t seem to work on the Intel based mac books which means I wont have to deal with the constant unexpected shut downs. Im faster with that system.
4. I obviously must look at how I back up video for works in progress. I have the original tapes, It just means I have to restart the edit.

Im going to think about this for the rest of the day…..try to figure out what the situation is guiding me towards. I know everything will be ok….its good to have eye openers like this every once in a while.