I know that for a maven I am going to sound way behind the times here. When I was out in Utah, my friend Rick Willis showed me his GPS direction locater. You just type in your address, it locks the coordinates in, and guides you from start to finish.

It was the first I had ever seen in action and I was so impressed with it, I just had to have one. I picked mine up yesterday at Best Buy for this MEGA road trip I am about to start on Monday. Its very small, yet the directions it gives is precise. When you get within one mile of an important turn, a voice will tell you when and were you need to navigate. I feel lame for not getting one sooner.

Even better, the store value on this was $220, if you check ebay, you can get your own for about $100. If you EVER travel, or have ever gotten lost while driving, definitely get one!

Check back tomorrow for some of my favs from this weekends wedding of Nina and George!