I think Jordan Peele is one of the most talented writer/producer/directors of our time, we are lucky to have him.
He is original, and creative and his films are loaded with symbolism and even ulterior messages that have little to do with what you think the plot is.

There is a very deliberate contrast between ideas of terrible horror and this is hard to say, comedy? Like how is this coming from the same person at such opposite ends of the spectrum?

Nope is a very slow burn, but it is still very engaging and the pay off is worth to see on the big screen.
It will definitely make you think, wondering what the real meaning was behind this or that, but something Ive noticed about Peeles films, is there are no “mistakes” in them.

If you see something in his movies, there is a plot reason, but also a deeper symbolic reason. I enjoy when I am unable to figure everything out, and this is the case here. Might need to see it again, thought it will likely be as a rental.

I enjoyed it in theaters, and would recommend it there if you liked Get Out. (Get Out was better).
We are lucky to have Jordan Peele as a film maker and need more like him because his movies will make you really think.