Heres the cold hard truth: No Camera is perfect, they all have strengths and weaknesses. Something I see over and over when a photographer gets frustrated with one camera, and decides to go to another thinking the change will somehow bring a perfect camera. This isn’t the case. I see many complaints for all camera systems.

I’ve been helping and working with many hundred users of the new Canon 90D and have learned so much about the camera itself, but also about how different types of users handle troubleshooting. It seems beginning photographers are overwhelmed with learning the basics, that when they are frustrated, they give up sooner.Its just too much. Experienced and pro shooters however, seem to have a different mindset when approaching camera problems. They are more methodical and systematic about their camera, and figuring out what is wrong with it.

I know it can be very frustrating to have a broken camera (it does happen). In those cases you need to return it. But if you constantly find yourself frustrated with a camera or the images you are taking, and are constantly giving up, while others are succeeding with it, chances are it isn’t the camera…its you. We owe it to ourselves to take responsibility to learn what we are doing incorrectly when we invest this much money into gear. If others are having success, you can too!