As much I as really, really wanted the Nikon 18-300 lens to work out, I am sending it back.

The only reason: it’s too dang heavy (close to 2 lbs). A good “all purpose” lens will have each of the following characteristics:

1. Very Wide focal range (the 18-300 is the current world record holder if I am not mistaken)
2. Affordable (The price has come down $300)
3. Portable (meaning compact and lightweight) – unfortunately, the 18-300 isn’t either.

I really like Tamron’s 18-270, which also comes in a Nikon mount. Its about $500 (Compared to $700 sale price of the 18-300) and it weighs half as much).

I think 18-300 is a great lens, really solidly built, great quality images, but this is not a lens you are going to want to lug around with you. If you have a camera bag and want an all in one out of the bag, YES get it. Something to have on your camera around your neck? No way.

Im sending mine back to