As you know Ive been playing with a Nikon D60 for the past few days, its a great little camera. Its so interesting to me to learn the different button layouts and menu systems. Im getting more and more excited to learn how to use it better, and spend about an hour a day with it. The thought occurred to me today though: the D40 and D60 are about the equivalent of a Digital Rebel, but they dont have live view and soon, the new Rebel will be recording video, granted while the Live View on the XSi wasnt as sexy as it could have been, I do believe (at least now) that it gave a very small edge to the Canon Rebels, now that the Rebels will be shooting in High Def Video, it seems more obvious to me that the T1s is going to be a better buy than a D40, D60 and even the D90 (which shoots video) – I just dont see how this will remain the case for long.

The D40 has been around for about 3 years and the D60 for a year and a half. Look for Nikon to respond very soon with a lower end DSLR that will shoot video. I’m curious what they will implement in the video to one up the new Rebel, one thing that I would really, really love to see is a Variable Frame Rate Video feature on an SLR. Variable frame rates allow you to record at different speeds, so, instead of 30 or 24 frames per second, 60, 90 or 120, etc frames per second, and then when you play back at normal speed, you get great quality slow motion. Casio has a number of P&S cameras that will do this, but no SLR is doing it yet, especially in High Def. Please someone make an SLR that will do this!!!