Interesting fact from the video’s description; “Nikon’s history in Space began with the Nikon Photomic FTN, a modified Nikon F camera that was used aboard the Apollo 15 in 1971 and Nikon cameras have been aboard every manned space flight since.”

This timelapse is well, out of this world. 🙂 There is simply nothing that gets the imagination going quite like seeing imagery from space. This timelapse of earth from above is incredible. It’s all in celebration of Nikon’s 100th anniversary. This video was edited by SmugMug and was created by compiling thousands of still images. Another cool fact from the video’s description; “The bright flashes are lightning strikes hitting the earth…”

You should stay tuned to Nikon Europe’s channel. They said they’ll be releasing a whole bunch of other cools videos about the history and evolution of Nikon over the past 100 years. You won’t want to miss them. via FStoppers