So after a few weeks of selling our latest Nikon D850 Crash Course Tutorial, I was contacted this morning by one of our vendors who informed us of an error on the cover. We are still trying to figure out what happened, as we triple check everything before it goes to press, I get the final OK and it looked good to me at that time, but it looks like the layered original file we sent in had the Canon 70D in it, however that layer was turned off.

Somewhere along the lines it got turned on before printing. This isnt the first time the printing company has made a cover error of this nature, so I am guessing we will have them pick up the tab on this one.

The DVD and its contents are still correct, so until we can get the re-prints made, we will continue to sell them from our website as well as amazon:Its embarrassing! But at least the DVDs themselves (and the lessons, 5 hours worth) are still ok. Ill update here again as needed. I would imagine we will be sending our stock back to the disk manufacturers for repackaging.