Been working on this one for the last 3-4 weeks, finally wrapped it up today! The recently released Nikon D750 goes toe-to-toe against the Canon 5Diii .

Lenses used for most of the testing were:

Canon 24-70 2.8L and the Nikon 24-70 2.8 ED


Ill be posting more information as the questions come in.

Here are my training videos for both:

Nikon D750 Tutorial Training Video Crash Course

Canon 5Diii Crash Course Training Tutorial Video


– Still prefer the 5Diii for video. The moire, iso performance and look are personally more appealing to me, that is just my preference.

– I was happy to finally get a Dynamic Range test together, I expect there to be some scrutiny, but am convinced the data is good. I am on the verge of working out a calculation for total Dynamic Range for each camera, and this would be a very effective tool so I can test them right away and not wait for a certain website to publish their results.

– The Canon 6D did make an appearance in most of our tests, long story short, the D750 was still better and mainly what you are looking at here is the cost savings of $1600 for the 6D vs $2300 for the D750.