We are getting very close to wrapping up the Nikon D7100 Crash Course Tutorial Training Video & DVD shortly thereafter. Ive been up to my eyeballs for the last 5-6 months it seems with different training videos for so many Nikon and Canon Cameras. I would expect the download version to be ready in about a week, give or take a few days, the DVD will take another 4-6 weeks before it is ready for sale. If you are new to photography and own a Nikon D7100, this is absolutely the best investment you can make to eliminate a steep learning curve of time and frustration. If you have spent well over $1000 for a basic set up, its worth investing into some training and having a pro tutor you for $40 is really a good deal. I am patiently waiting for the next Canon competitor that matches up with it for another shootout.

I REALLY love the D7100, its focusing systems are even better than the D600’s, although they appear to be very similar body wise. Ill have some sample videos up soon.