Update: It’s Ready! CLICK HERE For Nikon D7100 Tutorial Training DVD with Download!Happy to Announce that the D7100 Crash Course Training Tutorial Video is finished and is in post production as we speak.

Here is a sample lesson from the course on Focusing:

There are just a few minor things we need to do, such as preparing the downloads with chapter markers, optimizing the video, things of that nature. It will be uploaded onto my download store on or before June 16th 2013 and has over 4 hours of awesome simple lessons to help beginning and intermediate photographers learn their D7100 as fast as humanly possible. It really covers just about everything, from the buttons, modes, focusing, white balance, metering, menu systems, live view, video shooting modes and tons of bonus lessons that will help you make the most of your learning experience.

Thanks to everyone who has been so patient in waiting for this video! I appreciate all of your support!

CLICK HERE For Nikon D7100 Tutorial Training DVD with Download!