Here is my latest comparison video the Nikon D600 vs the Canon 6D. Both are excellent cameras, but definitely have strengths and weaknesses, performing differently in different circumstances.

I hope it helps everyone out there make an informed decision before purchasing either:

As I said on the video, overall both cameras are very impressive with strengths and weaknesses. I had to be a bit “to the point” on the video for times sake, but here are some extra notes:

Bonus Notes- (Ill be adding more here, including the ISO files for you to download if you like).

– While there is a lot of fuss over the 39 focus squares with 9 cross type, it wasn’t the number of squares that gave the Nikon the edge, it was that it was a little more accurate for sports shooting, using the outside squares. Those 9 cross type squares are also all very close to the center, which doesn’t really give it much of an advantage to having them if they are so tightly grouped together.

– The ISO performance & low light focusing of the Canon 6D would make this a wedding photographers dream. I would take the 6D any day over the D600 to shoot weddings simply for its low light ability.

– If I was going on a disaster aid trip, I would take the D600 simply because of such a well balance of many features including the built in flash on a full frame sensor.

– In terms of the Moire and Aliasing, I need to be a little more clear: The 5Diii was the best, but still shows occasional defects. The D600 was better for aliasing and moire over the 6D, but also showed problems when adding color on some scenes. The Moire and Aliasing on the 6D were the worst. Moire may not matter to some shooters but top pros will see it and not like it at all.

– The D600 is a bit bigger than the 6D

– The Opening Steadi Cams were all done on the Canon 5Diii (See the difference in quality?)

– Here are the RAW & JPEG images from the ISO tests: D600 vs 6D RAW & ISO Files

Crash Course Videos on Both Cameras:

Nikon D600 Crash Course Training Tutorial Download Video
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