Check out this free sample video on the focusing systems of the Nikon D600!:

Wow…what a very long and busy day, but before I get into all that, I am happy to announce that the Nikon D600 Crash Course Training Tutorial Video became available for download this afternoon. We go through these videos dozens of times, but are certain there may be a few little things here and there we can do to improve it. Downloads allow us to put our “beta” version out while we design the DVD.

We essentially assume the viewer knows nothing about the camera, and we take them through all the skills to be an advanced user in just a few hours. It is a monumental task to create a video that can do this, but believe me when I say, you are going to get the best investment of your photography career with my camera Crash Courses. Any feedback we get about the DVD to improve it is taken very seriously. One limit though is that we are usually maxed out at about 3 hours and 40 minutes of footage (its the physical limit the DVD can hold). Otherwise we pack as much as we can into it.

The actual physical DVDs will be available for pre-order in about 2-3 weeks. I doubt they will ship until early January (it takes about a month from the time we finish the download to the time the DVDs are ready). If you are one of those who order the download now, you will have the option to add the physical DVD later to your order for the cost of shipping only.

This particular video almost didn’t happen, but I received numerous questions about whether or not I would do it, and I will tell you what- I am so glad I did. The Nikon D600 is an absolutely phenomenal camera, and is a very, very good camera. Mad respect to Nikon on its design- a true pleasure to use.

I also know many of you are wondering how the Nikon D600 stacks up against the Canon 6D . On paper, and having shot with the D600 for nearly 2 months now, I was absolutely certain that the D600 would just destroy the 6D. Having shot with the 6D for a couple days now, I can honestly say that it wont be so clear cut, the 6D is a pleasant surprise of a camera. In some things such as the optical focusing systems, built in flash & command mode, Live View Tracking the D600 is clearly better, but in other things, such as wifi, low-light focusing, high ISO noise, and actual image quality…I’ve been very impressed with the 6D. They are two very, very different cameras and are better suited to different types of situations. Ill have an in-depth review coming soon.

Spent nearly the entire day working on the comparison of the 2 cameras (along with many other D600 and 6D videos) coming this week. Please keep an eye on the blog for more images, comparisons, reviews and recommendations.

In the mean time, if you own a Nikon D600 and are wanting to learn it’s features inside & out, you are going to want to check out the new download:

Michael’s Nikon D600 Training Tutorial Video Manual