Yes, ladies and gentlemen, yet another wonderful crash course tutorial training video, this time on the Nikon D600. Why read a long boring manual for weeks when you can sit down and learn 95% of everything you need to know about it in a couple hours. While I am mostly known for shooting with Canon cameras, I have owned many, many Nikons in the past and think they are wonderful cameras.

Let me also say, the D600 is really amazing. I was very, very impressed with it. The highlights:

– Beautiful Full Frame Sensor, not having the same color balance issues as the D3200.
– It has excellent focusing systems, 39 focus points, including 9 cross type
– Built in Flash & Transmitter
– Built in Headphone jack for video
– 5.5 FPS

On paper, many of the arm chair pundits are saying that the upcoming Canon 6D should compete with it. Im not so sure about this, I almost feel that the D600 is more closely competing with the 5Diii, which indeed is a better camera but when one considers the cost savings, the D600 commands a second look.

Im anxious to get my hands on a 6D soon to run them through the hoops.

The download version of the Nikon D600 Crash Course Training Video should be available within the next week or less. We will make an announcement here as soon as it is ready.

Thank you for all your support!