Should be wrapping up the Nikon D5200 Crash Course Video in the next couple days, all the principle shooting and editing are finished, most of what remains is post production type details, mainly sound, adding chapter markers, converting for download, prepping store and uploading to our server. It really is amazing how much work goes into every one of these courses. Downloadable lessons for the D5200 should be ready within the next week and the physical D5200 Training DVDs should be ready by the end of April 2013 or sooner.

If you are a beginning photographer & have a Nikon D5200, this is the best investment you can make to get your photography training jump started. Time is our most valuable asset, and I have designed this instructional course to save you 2-3 years worth if you were to study on your own.

Ill make an announcement as soon as it is available for download.